Pricing,(PMU)Financial & Procedure Policies

***Financial & Procedural Policies***

Please See Rejuvenation Room for Skincare Services and Pricing with Mia 😍

***Policies apply to all services and technicians where applicable*** 



Microblading***  6w/touchup – Reg $700 +

Hairstrokes***  6w/touchup – Reg $700 +

Blade/Shade*** 6w/touchup – Reg $750 +

Powder Brow*** 6w/touchup – Reg $750 + 

Combination***  6w/touchup –  Reg $800 +

***Add shade at touch up $100 

***Annual touchups 50% of regular price for your style. Starting at $150

***Additional Touch up- $150 and up, over 8 weeks and up too 12 weeks, if original 6 week touchup was delayed. 

***12 weeks -1 year touch up/1 session…Depends on style and service. May require a 2nd appt, depending on how far the original color faded, if so, addtl fees will apply, as listed. All touch-ups over 1 year, will need a consult to determine if 1 single session touchup is adequate, or, if this procedure will require a complete 2 sessions. This is dependent on how far out/age of initial, due to varibles in fading, per procedure, per client.  

All annuals, All areas, Are 1 Session, Color booster sessions, UNLESS 2 Sessions Are Purchased. Prices are lowered to reflect 1 session rates.

Full Lip: $400 Initial inc 6 wk touchup

Annual Touchup $250-1session

Lip Liner $200 inc 6 wk touchup

Annual Touchup $150-1 session

Liner Top Initial $300,

Add Wings $100 (Dramatic)

Liner Bottom Initial $150-

Liner Top Touchup $150

Liner Bottom Touch up $75

Brows: $75 & up
Beauty Mark: $25 per mark
Freckles: starting at $50

Lift– $75 (Must have natural lash/length)
Tint– $50

Please 🙏 for the best experience and highest quality, show up for your appt(s), because your procedure requires this to be completed in many cases and call 📞 🙃  to rebook or cancel, follow your pre and post care instructions and be honest.  I am here to offer you services that I hope you’ll love, and too share your experience with others in your lives, and too form long lasting relationships because you appreciate my work, and I appreciate your patronage. 

***The only goal and intention of these policies, is to have clients show up for their appts, esp those that are recommended too have 2, in order too complete them at the highest quality and at the time that these procedures require. It is more likely that a client will show up, or give notice, if there are policies in place and Ezina, can then replace these cancelled appts, with other paying clients if cancellations are given with advance notice too do so. I want what’s best for my clients and for your procedure(s). 

***All appointments require a valid card on file, at the time of booking, on regular, groupon, promotional, sale priced and all services, in order to book. All deposits are Non-refundable. This applies to pre-existing and new clients.  

***Ezina is a 2 person suite, artist and client, no friends or family allowed in procedure room, at the time of service! This is a policy of Ezina Beauty, Dept of Health, City, State and Fire.

***You may not have previous work and use a groupon.***Ezina Beauty may price-match online promotions, but, they will need to be purchased direct from Ezina and not from a 3rd party, with previous work/initial procedures. (***Due to scar tissue, uneveness, asymmetrical results from previous procedure, incompatible products, etc., I will decide, and it is at my discretion, to approve all procedures and pricing***

***Groupons are limit 1 per person in a lifetime, no previous work allowed. If you show up with previous work, with a groupon, (It is written in bold print on your groupon, by groupon, 2 times, that you can not have previous work. If you come in with previous work and have not gotten an approval, you will be charged the procedure rate, equal too your groupon cost, also written in your groupon print as well). Any upcharges associated with doing that procedure over another artists work, will be paid prior too your procedure(s), for non-disclosure of that said work, No exceptions!!!

*** $50 non-refundable deposit on direct purchase services, per service.

*** Credit cards will be kept on file on either Square, or hard copy paper or both, for all persons, for all services.

*ID required at all appts. Department of Health and Ezina Beauty requires it, in order too perform any service. If you do not have your ID or its equivalent, passport. Name, photo and birthdate MUST be on all legal forms of ID’s, or you will not be provided services. Its the law!!!

***Ezina reserves the right to refuse any client, for any reason, at any time. You are expected to be kind, courteous and repectful. Any behavior that is disorderly, disruptive or argumentative, is NOT TOLERATED and you will be asked to leave, services will halt immediately and be void. You will no longer recieve any services, of any kind, from Ezina. Be respectful.

***All deposits are Non-refundable 

***Voucher redemption code(s) and credit cards required, too be kept on file, (Ezina and Groupon Policy) for all Groupons and all promotions, at the time of booking, in order too book.  

***A minimum 7 day rebook/cancellation or forfeiture of non-refundable deposit will apply and you will be required to pay a new deposit, per rebooked appt, and the previous deposit is not applied towards any future appts or balances due. Deposits are paid in order too hold that time for you, but also that means I am unable to put other paying clients in that slot, therefore Ezina loses twice and these will not be applied. Changes not made within in 7 day window, lose deposit credit, plus late cancel fee of $100 &/or up too, full cost of your procedure(s), will be charged to your credit card on file, according to our policy. This policy is in place for any and all appointments, sale, full priced or complimentary, for any Permanent makeup.  In order too have this procedure, you must schedule and attend your six week touchup. Sadly and in many cases, clients want to rebook or no show for these because there is no associated fees, esp when gifted. When this happens on short/no notice, the likelihood of getting an appt within the 6 too 8 week required time frame, will not be possible, because our appt books can be filled up for weeks and even months, and,  may require you too now pay a deposit plus cost for that previously gifted procedure, push it out much longer than the 6 too 8 weeks and resulting in poor retention and quality. By lapsed time, this decreases quality significantly, which in turn, will end up costing the client/Ezina, addtl time and money. These are booked at 6 too 8 weeks too fulfill procedure obligations. 

***What I want, is what’s in your best interest and too complete procedures in the time 6-8 week frame, but I also want consideration, because I will be attending your 6 week free* touchup,  too fulfill my obligation too both client and procedure, and I hope that, that is what you’d also want for yourselves 🙏😍 Ive learned that if credit cards are on file, clients are more likely to show for these appts and clients will complete the process.

*** Ezina will always try to fill short notice rebooks/cancelled appts, in order to avoid charges to client.  Ezina’s best interest is to fill these appts with paying clients to avoid additional financial loss. In the event I can fill your appt on short notice, you will be charged only the late cancel fee of $100 and not the service equivalence, plus late cancel. Re-deposit required if rebooking.

***Deposit forfeiture and full price of any missed/no show/no cancel appointments, or any/all service(s), will be charged, per service, that did not give proper, minimum, 7 day notice, too the credit card on file. 

***Due to the high volume of these circumstances 🥺  Ezina Beauty,  owners, any, or/and all artists and technicians, have these policies in place, for all services and procedures and there are no exceptions.

***TOUCH-UPS also require minimum 7 day notice. This policy is valid at Initial/touchup/rebook,  whether they are included, gifted, complimentary, full or sale priced, Groupons or direct purchases, Permanent Makeup, Skincare and/or any other services offered or provided, where a touch up is recommended/offered/purchased.

***If you are gifted, given a complimentary service/touch up,  ***CONDITIONS APPLY.

  • MUST show for scheduled appt, ON TIME. If you are late and your appt can not be performed in the alloted appt time, your appt is considered a “late cancel/no show and you “will forfeit any and all gifted/complimentary services and be required to pay the reg fees in order to recieve them, and/or late cancel fees.
  • Ezina reserves all rights to retract complimentary services if ALL policies are not followed. This is a gift of time, services and supplies ONLY with policies adhered too
  • Must rebook within 7 day rebook requirement or you no longer qualify and will need to pay reg cost.

***If you late show day of appt, cancel or no show for these, the credit card on file will be charged the full cost of service(s), found in pricing, per service, for your missed service(s). 

***Notice breakdowns, less than 7 day notice.

All no shows, no calls will be chgd too card on file, all reg costs of service(s) per service.

Day 6, the fee minimum will be forfeiture of deposit, requiring new deposit, per appt, too rebook, plus late cancel fee of $100 per appt. (The more notice given the lesser the fees that will be charged. Original deposit not applied towards rebook or balance.

All situations TBD, per person, per occurance. However, the value of the appt(s), redeposits or pay in full, in advance to rebook, may be applied* 

Day 4-5, forfeits dep, charge of 50% of reg cost of service(s) plus $100 redeposit required per service, all fees too be charged too card on file. Original deposits not applied towards new appt or balance.

Days 2-3, forfeits deposit, 75% of reg cost of service(s) charged too card on file, $ 100 redeposit required, per service, too rebook. Original deposit is not applied towards new appt or balance.

Day 1, same day, no notice, no shows, 100% regular cost of service(s) charged to card on file, forfeits deposit on all appts booked plus Redeposit required at 50% reg cost, per service, too rebook.

***All clients heal differently. Skin, age, ethnicity, collagen, elastin, Sleeping on a dominant side, rubbing, scratching in sleep, over/under use of aftercare serums, picking, getting wet, human error, accidentally or intentionally removing scabs, procedure non-compliance, coffee consumption, meds, alcohol, fish oil,  bleeding, health and so much more, affects your end results. Please, I will know immediately, if you have not complied and have consumed anything you were instructed NOT to do. Your Final results will be variables and poor quality. You are in control of your outcome. I do my procedures equally per person and recommend according to pre-consult, before beginning any procedure. If you were instructed too do, or not too do something, it is for your best interest. If you waiver, your results will also waiver and you will need additional procedures at your expense, due to poor quality.  

***All pre and post care instructions are given multiple times and for a reason. These instructions from initial procedure, remain equal too, as this is the exact same procedure as the first, at your touchup(s).  Anyone not following instructions, that bleed due to intake of such items on the list of pre procedure instructions, at your touchup, will cause poor final quality and addtl procedures will likely be required to satisfy the end result, at the cost of the client. 

***Full, regular Cost of services, will be charged to cards on file, for notices given to cancel your appointment, the same 24 hr day, of your scheduled appointment.

***Ezina MAY offer ***1 complimentary 6 week touch up with conditions found in previous info above) on 1st TIME CLIENTS ONLY & for PMU “BROW” services ONLY, ”  touchup is done at 6 weeks, with valid credit cards on file or otherwise, rescheduled within greater than 7 days. If you need to cancel or rebook, you will need to give a minimum 7 day notice or you will no longer qualify to receive this service free & will be required to pay the regular touchup fees, at $150 and up, or as listed in our pricing, plus any applicable fees, late cancel fees/ full cost of procedures, in advance, too rebook. 

***If you give intentional “invalid” CC information, at any time for any reason, this is unacceptable and extremely dishonest and you will not be serviced at any time, for any service, as a result ,and any appts made, are invalid and permanently cancelled.***All deposits are NON REFUNDABLE.  All credit cards will be validated, prior to any procedure and you may see a temporary validation charge of $1.00.

***NO cameras, videos, recordings or images are allowed in the procedure room, at any time, by any customer, too protect the customers confidentiality and rights. These are medical procedures and the procedure room and its contents, are private, professional and confidential. . 

***Ezina Beauty will take before and after photos of all procedures. Photos become sole property of Ezina Beauty. Photos and video’s, may be used for advertising, Licensing, training/continued education and for any other purpose,  Ezina chooses.

❤❤❤ If you cancel & choose not too rebook, but cancel within 7 days or greater, NO cancel fees apply.  😊 ❤❤❤

Anything less than 7 day minimum notice, you will be charged policy cancel fee(s) and full priced procedure fees, Per service. (See notice time frame breakdown).

If you no show, no call on one, any, or more services, you will be charged the full price of all services that were scheduled (Example: If you book brows and lips & you no-show/call, you will be charged the full regular price, of both brow and lip services, or full price of any/all service that were booked PLUS late/no cancel fee of $100.00 per service you had booked.  

Here’s another example that Ezina experiences often: 👇

***If you book more than 1 appt and pay deposits on more than 1 appt but at said appt(s), decide you only want 1 of 2*, you forfeit that 2nd deposit and it is not applied too the balance due for the 1 you did recieve. Its forfeited. The purpose for that 2nd deposit was to block out books and not put other clients in there so that I could do that 2nd service. By you changing your mind at the appt and only wanting 1 of 2, you have then prevented Ezina from booking others in that 2nd appt slot, so, you will forfeit that dep and be chgd late cancel fee of $100 or the full cost of that appt, on any notices given that was not within the 7 day policy. PLEASE, just let me know if you don’t want to do a booked appt, IN ADVANCE, so that i don’t miss any opportunities too book someone else there. It is equal too a no show policy!!!

🙏🙏🙏Respectfully, give proper notice to change your scheduled appointment and to avoid any additional charges, or fees, for any reason. 🙏🙏🙏 Any/all fees TBD, Per person, per situation. 

❤ Clients that show for booked initial and 6 week touch up, as scheduled, have no additional charges or fees and higher quality, end-healed, results. ❤ There is a minimum of 2 sessions recommended, on any and all permanent makeup, that has not had previous work.  If you show for both appts, as booked and recommended, you will have the optimum results for your procedure for your skin quality. If you waiver from 6 week by more than 2 weeks, this will affect your healed results. If results are due to lapsed time, multiple rebooks, or non-compliance to instructions issue, you will lose quality of your completed, final result.

 WEATHER- Ezina Beauty will notify all clients, either the evening before, or the morning of, any booked appointments, depending on the time of your scheduled service. 

Ezina takes into consideration weather, road conditions & safety under ALL weather related circumstances, as well as distance.  As an owner who lives and drives over an hour with no conditions, to serve my clients, I use my discretion regarding cancellations. If i do not call or text to cancel your appt or to inform you of business closings, your appt remains & policies remain in affect.

We do not close in “anticipation” of bad weather, rather gauge it accordingly. If Ezina Beauty deems conditions fit for safe travels, all appointments are expected to arrive on time and policy applies, unless otherwise determined, per person, per situation.

***Important notice regarding services that are not originally performed at/by Ezina Beauty***

  • Groupons & Online promotions NOT VALID ON RE-WORK/TOUCH-UPS on services previously performed by another artist.
  • All re-work MUST be approved prior to appointments & NON-REFUNDABLE Deposits of $50 required. All procedures that recieve a touch up over another artists previous work, are NOT under ANY guarantee. They WILL be performed with the highest quality and the same professionalism, products, procedure and trainings, as those performed without previous work, and with the best of my abilities, but unfortunately, I can only do a touch up over the existing placement and i do not guarantee the results of my work when done over another artists work as often, damages, scar tissue, unevenness, asymmetrical results are existing. I can not move previous work, so my work will be performed over existing placement, which in many cases, may have caused unevenness, deep retention of colors, asymmetrical healing,  etc.  ***It is always best to return to your original artist.  Ezina is limited when tattoos exist. Often previous work leaves uneven healing, deep scar tissue etc,  in many cases,  requires tattoo/scar tissue removal, before this procedure can begin. Again, addressing the previous artist with the issues noted in our predraw at your appt with me, should be resolved with the one that created the issues initially. 
  • If not informed & approved prior to your appointment, client will be responsible for any addtional fees associated to correction/removal, and must be paid in full, prior to the procedure.
  • Deposits are Non-refundable.
  • Ezina Beauty reserves the right to refuse services on any client for ANY REASON
  • If not approved prior to booking & client cant meet financial obligations, procedure will be cancelled. Deposits will not be refunded
  • Rework/coverups often require multiple sessions, removals & other forms of corrective procedures.
  • Clients must consent and acknowledge that Ezina Beauty is not liable for work previously performed.


 Rejuvenation Room

  • 40% off  Scalp pigmentation*
  • Powder/combo brows on sale

* May not be combined with any other promotions or already reduced pricing.

* Not valid on services under $250.

Prices*** Regular/Sale

Current promotions – 25% to 65% off regular priced services, NOT SALE OR PROMOTIONAL, (***May include 1-complimentary, 6 week touch up or min fee of $150 for initial 6 week).

Microblading*** $700/$150 6w/touchup

***Hairstrokes $700.00 $150/6w touchup at $150
***Blade/Shade (fusion)  $750.00 $150/6wtouchup

***Powder $750 inc 6 week

***Combination WAS $800.00 NOW $420.00 inc 6 week

***Add shade at touch up $100 

***6 Week touchup initial $150/up, $350,  depending on style, or 50% of regular price for your style.  (Example: $700 Microblade for 2 sessions, touch up fee is $350 1 session)

***Additional Touch up- $150 and up, over 6 weeks and up too 10 weeks, if original 6 week touchup was delayed. 

***10 weeks -1 year touch up $350 and up/1 session…Depends on style and service. May require a 2nd appt, depending on how far the original color faded, if so, addtl fees will apply, as listed. All touch-ups over 1 year, will need a consult to determine if 1 single session touchup is adequate, or, if this procedure will require a complete 2 sessions. This is dependent on how far out/age of initial, due to varibles in fading, per procedure, per client.  

***NON-REFUNDABLE Deposits will be required for ALL appointments & services. (Applies to both promotional and regular pricing.)

If you book a brow and lip, for example, 2 services of any kind, a $50 dep is required PER PROCEDURE, not per appt. Total $100 for this example 

*** No coupons or Groupons are ever needed. 🥰 😍😍😍😍😍😍😍😍🥰Just mention any online promotion that is offered online and get that great deal and pricing on all of our services, plus, Ezina gives priority bookings to cash and direct purchase clients. 🥰🥰🥰🥰🥰🥰🥰🥰🥰🥰🥰

***ATTENTION*** There are NO rebooks on GROUPON gifted touch-ups without paying the full reg cost of $250 and up.  These are NOT included in your purchase pricing, these are complimentary & Ezina loses min $250 in revenue for products & supplies associated with all procedures, but especially on missed appointments & unfortunately I stand by this 100% because I am unable to fill that appointment. It is up too each client to remind yourselves of these appointments or reschedule within 7 day, minimum.

If you have a work schedule that fluctuates, it is best to book last appointment of the day as to not interupt work flow or forfeiture of appointments, dep or addtl fees. It is so much easier to rebook, 1st and last appts of the day vs appts, mid-day. 


***Referral credit 

Referral credit off $50 off your next Reg price service, for referring party. Cannot be combined or transferred, no cash value.  Must recieve paid service to recieve discount. ***All rules, procedural and financial policies, and data on EZINABEAUTY24.COM, applies to CREDITED SERVICES! 


Microblade ($700)+ $150 6 week touchup
Powder – ($750) SALE $375 (includes touchup*)
Combo- ($800) SALE ($420 inc touchup*)
Blade and Shade- ($700)+ $150 6 week touchup

Fusion– ($700) NOW $350

Touch-ups $350 & up (Half of regular, not sale price, for your style)

Addtl 6 week touch ups starting at $100

Full Lip: $400 1 session. Add touch up at 6 weeks for $200
Liner (lip) $200

Liner -Top $300, (add wings for addtl $100)

Liner Bottom- $150

Liner Top touchup- $200

Liner Bottom Touch up- $100

Brows: $75 & up
Beauty Mark: $25 per mark
Freckles: starting at $50

Lift- $75 (must have natural lash/length)
Tint- $50

**Skincare Services and Pricing in Rejuvenation Room Page, with Mia 😍🥰😍🥰😍🥰😍🥰😍🥰😍🥰😍🥰

Procedure Duration 1 – 2.5 hours (depends on procedure)
Anesthesia – topical to none
Recovery time: 2 weeks
Discomfort: Level-Mild
Lasts: Avg 1-3 years depending on skin type, lifestyle and after care
Appointments: text 952-215-5235 Permanent Makeup with Deanna

Skincare with Mia 952-457-7579