Welcome to Ezina, Arabic for “to beautify; to bring beauty”.

I began my beauty journey twenty-nine years ago. In 1988, I graduated from Cosmetology Training Center in Richfield, Minnesota as a Nail Technician. The majority of my career took place in Edina Minnesota. I have worked for many notorious Spas since 1988 such as Spalon Montage, The Day Spa at Centennial Lakes, Spa Bella Casa and more. As a young child and into my young adulthood I was fascinated with beauty and nature and life. It seemed everything that I found interesting was relative to beauty whether it be nature, woman, children, animals or God. I’m an old soul! I believe that my purpose is to make others happy and it has been my mission to bring that out in everything I touch. I am a mother of four, grandmother of eight and have been an abused animal advocate and shelter since I could catch them. Despite my personal trials, I am still a warrior. I dedicate eighty plus hours a week to take care of my family, women, less fortunate children and abused and neglected everything. I am so determined to make them feel beautiful and significant. It is what makes me whole and helps me to heal too. I hope and I pray that I get the opportunity, if only for our short visit, that I can be a impression and strength to you, too. I love and enjoy the relationships that I have formed through my career.

I have also been an artist since a young age. I love to impress upon any canvas set before me what my heart sees and apply it to whatever or whomever I’m servicing.  I am a microblader, nail technician and microneedling expert. No thanks, but with gratitude to my perfectionist father, you get perfected service. I am not a quantity, but rather a quality service provider and I do my very best to make you feel beautiful … inside and out.

Please come into my studio and see what I have for you, and, while I provide top quality services, I also serve a refreshing glass of wine as well. Lets relax and enjoy each other’s company, share our stories and together, feel beautiful and worthy.